Michael Masaru Flora


Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY. 2021

Pedesis is a dynamic light and sound installation designed in response to its surrounding environment. Utilizing semi-autonomous computer-controlled, multi-channel lighting and sound technologies the luminescent and sonic materials actively shape the exhibition space, and, in turn the exhibition space shapes the luminescent and sonic materials. The installation exhibits a range of states from ordered to complex, light to dark, near silence to thunderous noise. The behaviors create a changing space of bursting points, flickering architecture, and articulated pathways. A fleeting scenography of simple lines and points seem to bend around corners, "crawl" up and down cables, and illuminate both non-human and human surfaces. In staging the project, the audience become active participants in their own and in each other's experience. Moving throughout the space, the participants color, shadow, resonate, reflect, and refract, changing the very environment they are encountering. Ultimately, the work creates a continually renewing sensorial experience that is the culmination of light, sound, space, and human activity.